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Disappointment, not gold, was their reward. Over the next couple of weeks, many discouraged men decided to return home. Finally, only thirteen men—all Georgians, led by Green Russell—resolved to prospect further. They moved northward along the foothills for about thirty miles. Unbeknownst to the Russell group, another party had had the same idea. Fall Leaf […]

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Our joy knew no bounds, we huzzaed, whooped and yelled at the prospect of being loaded with gold in a few months, and gave vent to any amount of hisses and groans for our apostate companions that were making all speed for home. We congratulated ourselves, sir, that we inaugurated a new era in the […]

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The initial discovery of placer gold, near where Denver one day would be, dated from June 1850, when a Cherokee party traveling to California panned some color near a small stream later known as Ralston’s Creek. As times worsened in the late 1850s, the siren promise of those few flakes of gold intensified—if they could […]


Auraria and Denver were rivals for two years, and then merged in April 1860. During that time, the news of gold in the Pike’s Peak country was still spreading like wildfire. Some newspapers seemed to compete to top previous stories. For instance, the Kansas Weekly Press (October 23, 1858) told of a kettle of gold […]

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All this excitement resulted from perhaps $500 worth of gold having been found over the summer, most of it in the Cherry Creek region. That averaged out to less than $5 per person in the Russell party and even less if one figures in the Lawrence group, which had not found any gold. Their consolation […]

Corporate Management

Disappointment, not gold, was their reward. Over the next couple of weeks, many discouraged men decided to return home. Finally, only thirteen men—all Georgians, led by Green Russell—resolved to prospect further. They moved northward along the foothills for about thirty miles. Unbeknownst to the Russell group, another party had had the same idea. Fall Leaf […]

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Meanwhile, by the time Cantrell reached the Missouri River towns, his imagination had long since taken wing. Initially he reported that the Russell party took out $1,000 in ten days; even more encouragingly, he “thinks if properly worked,” one man could make $20 to $25 per day. That was a month’s wage for many people, […]

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By Delores Louie
Is It Worth Investing In Gold?

Gold is anything but a safe investment. The prices sometimes fluctuate wildly. Investment is therefore only worthwhile with small shares of the total assets.

Investment in gold: Is it worth investing in?

When investing, you should pay particular attention to risk diversification. You can definitely include some gold in your portfolio. Previous crises have shown that the price of gold can partially offset losses in other stocks. However, only invest a small part of your assets in gold in order to absorb the violent fluctuations in the price of gold through other investments.

By Delores Louie
Good Reason To Invest In Gold Coins

There are many ways to protect yourself financially, but what if you are new to the topic? A look at the reasons for investing in gold coins shows that it offers advantages that no other investment can offer.

Gold equals money

Today, people no longer use gold as a currency. But in its role as money, gold has established itself better than any currency. In fact, gold has been around longer than any other currency in history.

One of the key promises of money is that it serves as a sustainable and long-term store of value. Gold, on the other hand, managed to fulfill this promise better than any other currency.

Thus, physical gold is one of the best possible forms for long-term wealth preservation.

By Delores Louie
Why Is Gold Considered An Investment At All

Business and media advertise gold as a “safe haven in times of crisis”. So far, people trade this even in times of crisis and depression and never lost all of its value. This is due, among other things, to the limited supply. In addition, no one can forecast the global total amount of gold with certainty.

Influencing factors in gold investing

Important influencing factors on the price are, for example, the general level of interest rates. In addition, it is the demand from the jewellery industry and the current production volume in the gold industry. Experience shows that the price of gold often moves in the opposite direction to the stock market since the demand for the precious metal that people consider “crisis-proof” increases during weak stock cycles.

By Delores Louie
Things to Know on Gold Investing: Check Now

Gold is one of the oldest means of payment. For centuries it has had an enduring reputation around the world as the perfect investment in times of crisis.

Investments in gold are popular with many investors. Investors consider this asset class to be particularly stable in value especially in times of crisis. Therefore, people often bought precious metal as protection against inflation and in times of crisis. Check Now why gold coins also often have a collector’s value. People refer to gold as a “crisis metal”.

Check Now the factors that influence the price of gold

When investing in gold, investors can usually make profits by selling gold and by participating in the appreciation of gold on the stock exchange. In the event of a sale, the gold is ideally resold at a higher price than the purchase price. The market price for the precious metal is expressed via the price of gold, which is mainly quoted in US dollars. As a result, there can be a currency risk when investing in gold.

The price of gold is created on the commodity exchanges by the global interplay of supply and demand. Depending on the relation of market equilibrium and depending on the price elasticity of demand and supply, the price of gold rises or falls.

Check Now the opportunities and risks of investing in gold

Investors who want attractive profits from investing in gold should only buy gold when the price is low. Then sell when the price of gold has risen. For investors who want to have an emergency reserve with an investment in gold, physical gold coins and bars may be more suitable. They can safely store the gold bars in the vault.

Indirect investments in gold can be suitable for investors who want to add gold to their investment portfolio in order to reduce the range of fluctuation. Investors can already participate in the increase in the price of gold with small sums. Investors can also save on storage, shipping and insurance costs. However, investors have tax advantages when selling physical gold after one year.

As an addition to a diversified investment portfolio, investments in gold can be attractive investments. However, no more than 15 percent of the investment portfolio should consist of gold. In order for you to be able to spread the risk across different asset classes, you should combine the gold asset class with other attractive asset classes.

By Delores Louie
How Useful Is It To Invest In Gold?

There is no general answer to this frequently asked question. What matters is what you personally hope for from an investment in gold. One thing is clear, you shouldn’t buy gold because of the return.

What are the advantages of gold?

In the past, gold gained significantly less in value on average than stocks. However, it can fluctuate more strongly. The reason for this is that, above all, demand controls the price of gold. There is no intrinsic performance, unlike in companies and thus in stocks.

But if you are afraid of a currency crash and fear the total loss of your other investments, you can convert a small portion of your assets into physical gold. For instance, you can buy gold coins or gold bars and store them in your home safely.

By Delores Louie
Investing In Gold: How To Proceed

If you want to buy physical gold as an investment, you should observe a few simple and important rules. Gold does not offer security in times of crisis, it is a speculative investment.

Determine the correct investment amount for buying gold

Only buy gold with the money that you don’t need for at least three years. You shouldn’t invest more than 10 percent of your assets in the yellow metal. Do not liquidate safe investments to buy gold.

Pay attention to important aspects when buying gold coins

Coins are an option for smaller amounts. Only invest in internationally recognized gold investment coins for which they can determine buying and selling prices on a daily basis. Collector coins, medals or gold jewellery are not suitable investments. They are difficult to sell.

By Delores Louie
A Way To Profit From Precious Metals
Thanks to Jack London’s adventure novels, the phrase ” gold rush” is still shrouded in an aura of adventurism. In the past, precious metals and stones were considered the most reliable option for preserving capital, and finding them is an excellent way to increase it.
Today, few people dare to give up their usual life and go to the mines of the American Klondike River, to Siberia, or Kamchatka. But there are other ways to make money on gold and other precious metals. In addition to traditional silver, these also include platinum and palladium. of these metals has its own area of ​​application. Gold is undoubtedly the most important from the point of view of economics and finance. It forms the basis of the state gold and foreign exchange reserves of most countries. Until recently, all world currencies were valued relative to the value of gold, but in 1971, the US government canceled the dollar’s peg to the “despicable metal”. This led to the destabilization of the exchange rates of all currencies, but it provoked explosive economic growth in many countries. It is no secret that gold and silver are at the heart of jewelry art. But platinum, despite its strength and mesmerizing brilliance, is not so common in jewelry, since it makes them much more expensive. An ignorant person is unlikely to notice the difference between two identical rings if one of them is melted from platinum and the other from white gold. Moreover, the latter will cost one and a half to two times cheaper. If you are interested come and visit this truck accident lawyer from Los Angeles.

When to buy precious metals

Great, so precious metals are in demand, and, therefore, are high in price? Unfortunately, not everything is so simple. In recent decades, their value graphs have shown large fluctuations. It depends on both demand and general market conditions.

Gold and silver

Noble metals are traditionally considered to be protective assets. That is, the main purpose of investing money is not to increase capital, but to preserve it. After the abolition of the ” gold standard “, most of the economic crises were accompanied by a rise in the price of gold. The logic is obvious – the value of a gold piece or ingot is contained in it. Human psychology also plays a significant role. From time immemorial, people believe in a special, one might even say the mystical value of the yellow metal

Platinum and palladium

The price of palladium and, to a lesser extent, platinum is influenced primarily by industrial demand. This means that their price depends on the demand for products and equipment made from them in the world market. If you look at the graphs of price changes for these metals over the past decade, you can see that palladium has a pronounced upward trend. Platinum, on the other hand, is steadily falling in price. In 2011, she lost the championship to gold for the first time in history. For several more years, metals competed among themselves on this indicator, and then platinum lagged behind.


This appears to be the most practical solution at first glance. However, when it comes to investing money, it could be the worst. You will pay 2-3 times the cost of the used metal for any piece of jewelry, and it will be valued at this amount in a pawnshop if you suddenly want to sell or mortgage it.

investment in gold

Gold costs 2-3 times more expensive than the metal from which it is made, therefore it is not suitable for capital accumulation

Is it worth investing in precious metals?

In any case, the choice is yours. It’s important to remember that precious metals are primarily a protective asset, so you’re unlikely to make a lot of money with them. Expert investors advise against investing more than 10% of your savings in them. Investments in precious metals can reduce the cost of capital over the medium term (up to 1-2 years), according to experience. At the same time, it is self-evident that gold’s price always rises over time (3-10 years). Other precious metals, such as silver, platinum, and palladium, follow the same rule, but the period may be longer, so be cautious.
By Delores Louie
Is It Worth Investing Into Gold?

Investing only in gold is almost never a good idea from an investment point of view. It does not bring interest. But in the long run, you can use gold as a tool that can protect you from inflation.

Buying gold or gold jewellery can make sense as a last resort against extreme situations, which in history have not been uncommon.

How much gold should you keep in your investment portfolio?

It depends a lot from one person to another and from one situation to another. Once you have saved for a year, it is reasonable to think of having an investment portfolio where gold is one-tenth. This suggestion applies especially as a family’s wealth increases.

By Delores Louie
Advantages in Investing Physical Gold

There are many reasons why investing in physical gold is advantageous. Here are some reasons:

  • Inflation hedge. Inflation often instills fear to many investors because it always affects the value of the money they have in the bank. As time goes on the purchasing power of the dollar predictably declines. In 1990, gold was selling at an average price of $383 per ounce, in 2010, the price of gold has risen to $1118 per ounce. The gold’s purchasing power remained stable over this 20-year period. One of the primary attractions of gold as an investment option is the security of knowing that the price is going to rise steadily overtime. We can certainly conclude that the price of gold is going to be higher 10-20 years from now.

  • Portfolio Diversification. As we have mentioned, the price of gold performs very well in times of uncertainty. Therefore, a good way to balance the volatility and returns within your investment portfolio is to include gold in your lineup. Specifically, the inclusion of gold is part of diversified portfolio which protect you against a wealth wipe out. In extraordinary situations such as severe economic depression or stock market crash.
  • Investing in physical gold is not a difficult task. Newbies can learn it quite fast even without the experience in money investment. There’s no shortage of dealers around the world. When it comes to storing your gold, a simple deposit box in your bank is sufficient to store your gold safely, securely and conveniently.
By Delores Louie
Investing in Physical Gold

Investing in gold can be a great choice during uncertain times. It has become very popular over the last years. Physical gold can be a way to diversify and can provide you with a valuable tangible asset that you can sell when times get tough. Some currencies may become useless in the future and having actual gold in hand might be an advantage.

How do we buy physical Gold?

Once you’ve decided to make gold as part of your investment portfolio you have to be familiar of what gold products to purchase. Equally important is knowing how and where to purchase them from. There are many variety of choices that one can purchase. If you’re buying gold through a cash purchase and intending to store it for yourself, there are unlimited choices. But if you’re buying gold for your IRA, then you are stuck with IRA permissible gold. Gold is a physical product and sellers ship it to your address or to an IRS approved depository for storage.

Here are a few options if you are shopping for gold:

  • Bullion gold coins
  • Proof gold coins
  • Gold bars
By Delores Louie
Reasons Why One Should Invest in Gold

Many are asking the question why should they invest in Gold and Silver. Here are some reasons why you should:

  1. Preserve and grow your wealth. When making a little bit of money, the best way to make sure you preserve that wealth and purchasing power, invest in Gold and silver. Even during uncertain times, like this pandemic, Gold and silver remains valuable.
  2. Gold and silver embody true money and wealth. There are many fiat currencies and almost act like true money except that it cannot store value over a long period of time compared to gold and silver.
  3. Proven history of holding value. Gold and silver have been around for centuries.
  4. Gold and silver cannot go bankrupt and default on promises or obligations. It is not some else’s liability. Gold and silver will never lose value and it is very simple.
  5. Governments and Central banks are printing too much currency.
  6. In times of crisis and uncertainty, Gold and silver tend to increase in value.
  7. One can invest in gold and silver with privacy and Anonymity. This is an investment you can keep to yourself. It is also not taxed in physical form. If it is under $10000, this cannot be traced back to buyer or seller.
  8. Gold and Silver are very rare.
By Deborah Gavin
Investing In Gold- What Are Your Options?

Investors have the option to make an investment in gold by purchasing stock in gold miners and/or associated companies, through exchange-traded funds, as well as purchasing physical gold products. There are many reasons as to why investors decide to invest in gold and other metals as they chose methods to be able to invest.

One method is through a brokerage firm like FinMarket. Apart from currency trading, gold, silver, oil, as well as cryptocurrencies are available in the Cyprus-based online brokerage firm’s trading platform. FinMarket offers its clients the best possible investment opportunities, including gold investing, in the financial markets.

While it isn’t one of the oldest brokerage firms in the industry, FinMarket has the experience that led them to be a sought-after broker, particularly among investors who are in search of precise real-time market pricing as well as the tightest spreads. To find out more of your trading potential with FinMarket, do check out..

Gold Investing – What Are Your Options?

When it comes to investing in gold, there are various ways to do this, and the way you choose to purchase gold can be utilized in realizing a variety of investment goals. But before you begin investing in gold, it is important that you first look into options available and possible. Knowing how to make an investment in gold entails reviewing the different investment products related to gold which have their own sets of return profiles and risks, liquidity and fees. So, let’s have a look at the various gold-related products that you can invest on.

Purchasing Physical Gold (Coins and Bars)

For the past decade, small gold bars and gold coins constituted almost two-thirds of the yearly investment gold demand as well as approximately one quarter of the global gold demand. Since the 2000s, the demand for gold bars and gold coins increased fourfold where the trend cover the West as well as the East. Because of this, new markets were established and old markets have reemerged.

Purchasing Gold-Backed EFTs And Those Similar To It

Physically-backed gold ETFs, exchange traded commodities (ETCs) as well as other comparable funds make up about one-third of the demand in gold investment. These funds were initially introduced in 2003. In 2016, they together hold 2,300 tonnes (2,300,000 kilograms) of physical gold for investors across the globe.

Purchasing Into Accounts That Are Allocated For Gold

Banks that hole gold bullions offer their high-net-work clients or institutional customers accounts allocated for gold which consist of gold deposits as well as similar currency accounts. An allocated account holder is the rightful owner of a certain amount of gold. Unallocated accounts are also offered by bullion banks. Unallocated account holders do not own any specific gold bars or gold coins, however has a general entitlement to a fixed quantity of gold. The investor isn’t the rightful owner of any physical gold. Instead becomes a creditor of the provider.

Internet Investment Gold

With technology and the Internet, Internet Investment Gold (IIG) is increasingly becoming a common approach to accessing and engaging in the gold market. IIG allows investors to purchase physical gold in the online space, store it in professional vaults and gain access to it when needed. IIG offers a very convenient way for many investors to benefit from complete ownership of physical gold.

By Delores Louie
Why is it Good to Invest in Gold?

Here are some good reasons why you should invest in gold:

  1. Gold is something you can touch, wear and is usually not hard to maintain. You can wear gold as a decorative item in the form of jewelries.
  2. The value of gold is life time. Since the ancient times, gold has been considered as something valuable. This will still be very valuable in the future which you can always pass to your heirs.
  3. Gold can last for a lifetime. This is not easily destroyed.
  4. When owning gold, you do not have to pay taxes unless the Government makes new regulations.
  5. This is a great source of funds in cases of emergency. Gold are items you can always pawn with high value compared to other assets.
  6. Gold does not go out of style.
  7. Investing in gold can be beneficial for you and your family’s future.

By Rona Den
Real Estate vs Gold: Where Should You Invest?

Gold Bars


Simply because investment in real estate could be an unknown investment car, does not mean it ought to be prevented. If approached properly, property investment may be a rewarding and dependable investment opportunity to create significant returns. It may make a regular income stream whilst supplementing your portfolio together using exceptional benefits like tax benefit, diversification, and also a much less risky investment option.

On the opposing side, there are various reasons why people, particularly Indians, favor gold as an investment vehicle. Many households in India treasure golden for most ages passing it from 1 generation to add as an average of an advantage. The very best advantage of investing in gold would be your investment is quite flexible. It’s possible to buy 1 g, 5 g, 10 g, or some other quantity of gold based on the quantity of money you need to make investments. So essentially, the golden investment can begin from a couple of million rupees into lakhs and crores based upon your investment desire.

Difference Between Real Estate vs. Gold

Size of investment The investment dimension is enormous in the case of property. The property as a limited source has a developing requirement with exponential rates. To put money into property, you want a lump sum to cover as a deposit, and it entails debt funding. The dimensions of investment entirely depend upon your investment desire. It is possible to begin purchasing as low as 1 g of gold. It’s suggested to purchase gold coins or gold silver than gold jewelry as the jewelry is subject to further earning fees.
Tenure property investment is excellent for a long-term investment. You may hold gold for brief in addition to long-term. But, buying gold for lasting could provide a greater rate of recurrence.
Earning possible Property is among the very most effective strategies to make a normal annual income in the kind of liquid money. A rental house can find a monthly lease and the portion of that may be employed to cover the mortgage. The yields vary with the market. In case the purchase price of gold drops, then the investment worth also goes down again.
Liquidity Property provides less liquidity in comparison with gold. Without selling your house from sites like, promoting off your house could want quite a few times or even weeks. It entails paperwork and postage duty when promoting the house that makes the procedure lengthy and complicated. Getting and selling gold is a very simple procedure. Gold is a really liquid asset and may be encashed at any time without any formalities.
Volatility Property is subject to reduced volatility in comparison with gold as well as other investment choices. Gold is significantly much more volatile than property. The worth of gold varies nearly daily.
Tax advantages Property has structured tax advantages. There’s depreciation, mortgage tax deduction, the expense of repairs and upkeep as well as the cost of legal solutions are all considered while calculating the taxation. Gold brings capital gains taxation. In addition, any gain made in the example of gold deposit certifications is completely deducted from taxation.
Transparency in costs Property costs may not be as translucent as the stone. Additionally, the previous data might not be easily available whilst dealing with property. Gold has been traded on the marketplace. The purchase price of gold coins along with billions is very transparent.



Fall in Real Estate vs. Gold investment

The history states that property has contributed on an average 8% yields and will go up to 15 percent or more. Regardless of the expansion in leases, the rental return in India is approximately 7 to 9% that’s lower compared to other investment choices. But when you take a close take a look at the opposing side of this coin, property may create a periodic monthly income that a gold investment can’t. The actual estate may be an appealing long-term investment choice where the real estate value rises over time. Real estate provides greater returns than gold without a lot of volatility. Additionally, once the economy grows, so does the value of your premises. It’s sensible to include property as part of your total wealth creation plan.

Gold investment is rewarding as it provides inflation-beating outcomes. Within a time period, yields from the golden investment have been in keeping with the inflation rate. On the other hand, the dark side is if gold enjoys value, it’s since there’s a devaluation of this paper money. Therefore, returns become minimal in the event of gold investment.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

The property opens up to a more viable option due to these reasons.

  • Low Stocks: Property land is a secure investment choice when compared with gold. Also, having a home means you’re ensuring a safe future.
  • The costs include value: The value of this house can be raised through renovations and repairs. Unlike stone, the house could be changed according to your convenience.
  • Lease out it: Actually, if you’re utilizing the home, it is possible to always rent it out to make a normal income. Rental yields are a fantastic alternative for creating a positive cash flow. You might even mortgage the home from financing.
  • The worth of property will continually grow: The more you hold on your property land, the greater value you’re most likely to purchase.
  • The investment in real estate includes numerous tax advantages like tax deduction on mortgage interest, and managing expenses and legal expenses, property taxes, and depreciation. The actual estate investment isn’t merely a secure investment but has the potential to generate improved returns within a time period as you’re still making a regular income if you’re using this as a rental home. It’s an excellent investment alternative for many reasons like excellent tax benefit, and it is possible to leverage it to build prosperity.


By Delores Louie
Different Ways to Invest in Gold

Over the years, gold has remained to be a thing of much value. It is considered to be a precious metal. It was always associated with money and wealth. Investors find gold to be a great choice of investment.

Why do people invest in gold?

  • Many investors consider gold as a store of value. For many they believe gold to be a hedge to inflation. It is considered to be a finite resource because it takes money and effort to produce this substance. During inflation gold prices increase faster. Investors finds it as a safe haven for investment.
  • People hold gold as a way of diversifying their portfolios. Investors split their money in many investments.

How can we invest in gold?

  1. Bullion. Many institutions sell gold in this standardized form. However, for people lacking the facilities and security system, people invest gold in other ways.
  2. Gold Mutual funds. ETFs or ETRs (exchange Traders Receipts). This is when investors invest in gold without owning physical gold. Gold mutual funds commonly puts in money in the companies that mine gold.
  3. Derivatives. This is an agreement that grant the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell gold assets on or before a certain date.
By Delores Louie
Why Should You Invest in Gold?

There are many benefits in investing in Gold. This will make you buy and invest in gold.






  1. Gold preserves and Grow your wealth.
  2. Gold embodies true money and wealth that can maintain its true value over a long period of time.
  3. Gold has proven history that its very valuable. It has been around and used for generations and used as a form of exchange and reflects economic stability.
  4. Gold will never lose its value. It cannot go bankrupt. It is one of the simplest form of investment.
  5. Gold increases in value in times of crisis and uncertainties. This is the best way to protect one’s financial security in times like these.
  6. One can invest in gold with privacy and anonymity. These are investments you can keep to yourself and no one has to know about it. What’s good with gold is that they are not taxed in their physical form.
  7. Gold is very rare so it is very expensive and is a good investment. It’s very expensive and hard to extract gold from the earth’s crust making it more valuable.


By Delores Louie
Is It Worth Investing In Gold Stocks?

The continued zero interest rate policy of the ECB is causing many investors to speculate on gold as a real asset. But not all that glitters is gold. Gold stocks enable an indirect investment in the shiny precious metal. But they offer the same advantages as physical gold in the form of bars or coins, i.e. retention of value and inflation?

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What are gold stocks?

The terms gold stocks (also spelled gold stocks), gold mining stocks or mining stocks refer to stocks of mining companies that specialize in the exploration and production of precious metal gold.

Often the milkmaid bill is made that investing in gold stocks is an alternative to buying physical gold. However, this logic falls short and rarely works. The main argument put forward is that the mine operators benefit from a rising gold price and that shareholders also participate indirectly in the rising gold price through dividends and price gains.

Gold stocks versus physical gold

Stocks are objects of speculation and, unlike physical gold, do not offer any protection against inflation. Read below about the reasons for this and why an investment in gold stocks is fundamentally different from gold as an investment.

How does investing in physical gold work?

While gold stocks represent an indirect investment in gold, their counterpart is the purchase of physical gold in the form of bars or coins direct investment to be understood.

However, this so-called investment gold is only conditionally suitable for building up assets, as it is its owner neither interest nor dividends. On the other hand, however, a certain degree of protection against inflation is ascribed to physical gold: As a limited resource and a coveted material asset, gold is able to withstand inflation with a real equivalent.

Physical gold is often recommended to hedge a portfolio and especially to protect against the volatility of stocks. The reason for this is the low correlation between the gold price and stock markets in the past. Investing in the rare precious metal enables the portfolio to be diversified.

How does the price for physical gold come about?

The gold price describes the current market price for the precious metal gold and is created through trading on the international commodity exchanges. The price of gold fluctuates relative to trading but is less volatile than stock prices. A complex interplay of different factors influences the daily gold price.

How does the price of gold stocks come about?

The gold price also has an effect on gold mines and thus on their securities – the prices of gold stocks are, however, much more strongly influenced by the entrepreneurial performance of the gold mine operators and the general mood on the stock exchanges. The share price is therefore not only set on the commodity exchanges but predominantly on the stock market. This leads not only to the fact that the gold price is only partially reflected but also to the high volatility of the stocks.

One of the main reasons for the fluctuations in the value of gold stocks is that the exploration and production of the rare precious metal is associated with many obstacles and is particularly resource-intensive. In addition, gold deposits often occur in countries without sufficient legal security for operating companies. Problems with production licenses and expropriations are not uncommon. The price fluctuations of gold stocks are very sensitive to both negative and positive news.

So-called junior gold explorers who are committed to the development of new gold deposits are considered particularly unsafe. Established gold miners, on the other hand, who already have mines, have a better reputation.

When is an investment worthwhile?

In contrast to physical gold, gold stocks are quite suitable for building up wealth, because they reward their owners with dividends and price gains in the best possible case. Nevertheless, it is a risky investment. And as with any other equity investment, the same applies here: Industry knowledge and specialist knowledge are essential. If you also include the ethical concerns raised by modern gold mining, an ordinary DAX ETF or MSCI World ETF ultimately seems to be the better choice.

For investors who, however, interest in investment intangible assets have gold, gold stocks are definitely not suitable. The investment cannot be compared to an investment in physical gold. Because while the value of investment gold is determined solely by the current gold price, the prices of gold stocks are extremely volatile and depend on numerous factors.

In addition, unlike buying physical gold, investing in gold stocks does not allow diversification of a portfolio that contains many securities.

In addition, shares in general and thus also gold shares are always subject to the withholding tax and, as share certificates, do not represent any ownership rights as one has with physical gold.

By Delores Louie
Why People Invests on Gold

For centuries gold has been very valuable. Not only is it valuable but holds a very rich history. It has been part of many cultures and vastly used today. No wonder many people are putting their investments on gold. They see gold investing as a very promising venture. Throughout the years, people had been holding on to the use of gold. Societies even the economies rely on this precious metal. This has added more value to its worth. Gold, unlike other tangible assets like, paper currency and coins. This precious item has hold on to its value throughout the centuries. Rich people see gold as a way to preserve their wealth and to pass this to family members. They have put value and emphasis on its unique properties.

How To Invest In Gold (4 Ways)

Such properties of gold that make it a precious metal are:

  • It does not corrode
  • Can be melted or bent with a common flame.
  • Easy to manipulate and work with.
  • It has a magnificent and beautiful color
By Delores Louie
Putting Your Money in Gold

Gold costs are affected by several variables including loan fees and political events across the globe.

Despite the fact that gold is seen as a good investment, its cost is as yet unstable and may vary overtime.






Different gold investments may have its advantages and disadvantages.  For everyone investing in gold, its important to know and understand the pros and cons when you  decide to put your money in it. Gold is a good substitute to stocks and bonds. Many investors have the option to invest in gold instead because it is able to maintain its worth even if there is a rise and fall in the market. Or even during economic recessions.

When people mention that they own gold, this may imply that they may own the following:

  • Actual gold bars or coins
  • Gold trade exchanged assets;
  • Gold shares
By Delores Louie
Nothing Quite as Good as Gold

Investing in Gold is good, it will bring good returns in the future. People are seeing the benefits of investing in gold. For many they see it as a sound investment. It brings about wealth and good insurance for the future. Many invest to secure their retirement.  At this time of the year, gold prices are on the rise again. Analysts sees an increase in the price in the last quarter of this year making it a good time to invest on Gold.







There is a solid price gain in gold despite uncertainties we are experiencing since the US election is still to be determined. Analysts see that the price of gold can reach to as much as $2000.00 an ounce by the time inauguration of the newly elected president of the United States takes place. This is potentially very high.

By Deborah Gavin
Do You Need An Insurance When Investing In Gold?

The idea of insurance is quite easy to understand. Basically, you pay a fee, either monthly or annually, to an insurance company of your choice to insure your health, life, vehicle, assets, property, and others, for a specific period of time. The insurance company or insurer, in return, pays or covers the financial damages in the event any accidental damage happens to a property or injury or harm to the individual insured. For a small fee, you are then passing on the risk of financial loss you may go through because of the uncertainties of life to the insurance company.

In terms of insurance for a property, a condo insurance is an example. On, the company assists condo owners by providing them help in looking for the best condo insurance as shopping around for the best insurance plan in the market could be an arduous task even for the condo owners with the most experience. They look and compare various insurance and present in detail to you their findings and your options. All of these and more to ensure the process of shopping for a condo insurance is made easy and more convenient for you and that you purchase the right one.

Gold Investing – Do You Need Insurance?

There are different types of insurance for different types of assets. For instance, increasingly more individuals are considering diverse kinds of investments, like precious metals, since they worry about the government-backed currencies’ long-term stability. This thinking may be because of the global economic crashes that the world has experienced that made many investors search for investment options that are solid as well as future-proof. Gold is one.

Does investing in gold require insurance? While gold is a good investment, an insurance will be dependent on the method of your investment. For example, if you intend to invest in gold by purchasing physical gold coins and gold bars and plan to keep them in your home, it is crucial that you get some type of premium home contents insurance policy with a wide coverage to make certain your investment is covered in the ill-fated event that your home is targeted by intruders and burglars.

If you are going to make an investment in gold through binary options, futures or perhaps spread betting on the Foreign Exchange market, getting an insurance isn’t necessary. Hence, you may want to take hedging your bets into consideration. This is a kind of protection placed on the value of your investments in the future. But, because gold is an item that is tangible, it would at all times have some inherent value.

Regardless the method of gold investing you decide on, it is worth exploring and investigating all insurance option available to ensure your assets are covered in case the unexpected and unfortunate happens.

By Deborah Gavin
The Appealing Qualities Of Gold That Makes Them A Good Investment

If your credit score is poor or don’t have any credit history, you may think that obtaining a personal loan isn’t possible or an option. However, the fact is that there are credit products available even to individuals with poor credit history. Lån uten kredittsjekk allow individuals to borrow a certain amount of money even though they have poor credit rating, score or history as lenders offering such loans don’t need to carry out credit checks, thus it is easier for borrowers to obtain a loan and fund their goals or ventures.  Check this is out for lån uten kredittsjekk.

While there are loans that don’t require any credit check, it is still advisable to shop around to check if this is the only option you have as there are drawbacks to such loans even if it is quick and easy to acquire. Loans without credit check usually comes with interest rates that are higher as well as stricter terms. If you decide to take out this kind of loan (even any type of loan) it is imperative that you have the means to settle the total amount payable amount within the given term.

Investing In Gold – Their Appealing Qualities

Loans, whether they require credit checks or not, are an option to take particularly when you need the funds to finance your goals or endeavors, such as for emergency outlays, home renovations or repairs, education, and more. For others, taking out a loan is a way for them to start a business or make an investment so as to build up more wealth, this includes investing in gold.

One of the assets that many investors like is gold as it has qualities making the commodity a great contrast to more traditional securities like bonds and stocks. Moreover, gold is also seen by some as a hedgerow against inflation. Gold has also proven itself in terms of returns, liquidity as well as low correlations which makes it a diversifier of portfolios that is extremely effective.

Let’s have a look at these qualities of gold which are particularly crucial and appealing for investors:

  • RETURNS. While gold doesn’t beat bond and stocks all the time, it has bested and done better than them over particular stretches.
  • LIQUIDITY. If you’re purchasing certain types of assets that are based on gold, you could readily and immediately convert these gold-based assets into cash.
  • LOW CORRELATIONS. Frequently, gold performs in a very different way form bonds and stocks. This means that if bonds and stocks go down, gold might up, and if bonds and stocks go up, gold may go down.

Apart from these qualities, gold offers other possible advantages. Below are some:

  • DEFENSIVE STORE OF VALUE. Often times, a lot of investors move towards gold especially when they observe and notice dangers to the economy. This then makes gold as a defensive investment.
  • DIVERSIFICATION. As it isn’t greatly correlated or connected to other assets, gold could help out in diversifying portfolios even making them not so risky.

By Delores Louie
An Intro on Gold Trading

Commodities have come and go throughout generations. The bartering system turned into monetary and with the advent of technology, the introduction of cryptocurrencies among others. Some have lost value while some have reached unimaginable heights. One that has been constantly in demand is gold.

Centuries ago, they have been more of status symbols of wealth or some, decorative pieces now heirlooms locked in vaults or displayed in glass cases. Unbeknown to a whole lot, it’s also one of the best electric conductors outlasting both copper and silver.

With that in mind, gold as an investment won’t lose its value anytime soon. In fact, it might just be a great bet with money you’ve been keeping for a long-term score.

By Delores Louie
The Value of Gold

Gold plays an important role in building a country’s economy. To this day gold in the age of electronics has been an integral part of our daily lives. Yet still, a handful of people don’t know that gold is used in almost any electronic device. Gold is one of the best semi-conductors used from cell phones, computers, and big LED screens. This is why investors hold so much value for it. They invest millions of dollars in gold because of the big return on their investments. They see this precious metal as a long term investment with great value.

The Value of Gold

By Delores Louie
Buying Gold Using Personal Loans

Personal loans can also be used to buy gold and silver. However, you can only do that if the return for investment on gold is higher compared to the interest rate of the loan.

Basically, gold suddenly becomes a stable investment which can suit your financial needs in times you need it. In fact, professional investors tend to wage their money on gold during times of turmoil in the economy. Basically, getting a personal loan would be a good idea if the rate of the loan is lower compared to the ROI on gold.

Personal loan as payment to gold investment

Typically, the number one reason why investors are using their personal loan in buying gold because of the low-interest rates and the gold price is quickly increasing. There may be times that the gold price can go up to a higher rate compared to the amount of your loan interest. However, this is not always the scenario and not an ideal investment technique for everyone.

Gold’s ROI

Generally, depending on the time period, the return of investment for gold may usually vary. Let’s take a look at the price of gold within the past years. Its price generally increases by greater than 29%.

Knowing this, you would rush out to buy gold for yourself. However, you must also be aware that during the last ten years, the increase in gold’s price is only about 16.76%. Usually, this gold’s price is only manageable to have an annual return of about 1.56% which is typically lesser to the amount of interest to be paid.

PROS for gold investment through loans

Basically, the main advantage of borrowing personal loans to buy gold investment is that it is less volatile compared to other stocks. But, always keep in mind that there are still losses you could face based on volatility.

CONS for gold investment through loans

Check below for some of the downsides of putting your personal loans in gold.

  • Generally, qualification for a personal loan that has a lower interest rate is not applicable to everyone. Basically, the lower interest rate that is sufficiently lower to guarantee that they headed off after the increase in gold value may be the reason for disqualification.
  • The risk involved in investing in gold is numerous. The moment the price of gold decreases, you might fall on not making enough money on your end. So, this means that it is not an ideal investment for those who cannot afford to lose some of their investment.

By Ulyssa Tyrrell
Advantages of Investing in Gold Today

If we are going back down to memory lane, you will be quick to discover that gold is deemed to be the safest and most secure option for investment. Each and every investor is investing with just one goal in mind, to grow money and to be financially safe. As a matter of fact, there are many different reasons why people are investing in gold, primarily for attaining their financial objectives.

Of course, before making an investment, there are a number of important things that should be taken into account much as when applying for the Georgia car title loans. This includes the overall portfolio, objectives, returns, profits and the likes. What makes people more interested to invest their money in gold is the fact that there are countless of advantages associated to it.

Gold Investment Benefits

As what mentioned, gold is a secure and safe way to invest your money. Amidst of political and economic uncertainties, this precious metal carries the following aspects which make it even more appealing.


It’s fairly easy to convert gold to cold cash. Aside from liquidity, it could also be bought effortlessly from jewelry store.

With regards to selling though, local jewelers would be happy to deal with you and offer you cash if you intend to put or sell gold as collateral. Simply speaking, there’s no problem in trying to liquidate your gold asset.


In an effort to lessen overall investment risk, many of the advice given by experts are to diversify portfolio. Gold is among the best assets that you can ever have in diversifying your investment portfolio. Making gold investment is safeguarding a person’s interest towards market volatility. This is due to the reason that gold’s prices are inversely proportional to currency values and shares.

Protections towards Inflation

Gold is actually among the ideal investment opportunities that you can have in protecting your money from inflation. When inflation is on the rise and prices start to rise, then the value of goods rise proportionally as well. It’s so obvious that during inflation, gold can be used as a stable investment channel.

Maintenance not Needed

One notable benefit of gold investment is the fact that you don’t need to fork out anything just to maintain gold and keep it in a safe place for years to come. However, try investing in real estate or other properties, you might just have to shell out money from time to time to ensure that they are well maintained. Clearly, you are well off in making more money by investing in gold.

By Ulyssa Tyrrell
How Gold can Save You and Your Finances?

Gold is a highly valuable and sought-after precious metal. In fact, gold has been engraved deeply in our cultures for as far as man can remember. Coins that contain gold had first appeared somewhere around 800 B.C. While the first coin made from pure gold were struck throughout the reign of King Croesus of Lydia for approximately 300 years later.


As centuries go by, people kept holding onto gold for a number of reasons. Societies and today, economies valued gold so much which boosted its worth tenfold. It’s a very popular metal that we often fall back on when other kinds of currency fail to work. Meaning to say, it has always some form of insurance towards difficult times. In the next lines, you are about to learn about smart reasons why owning gold is a wise investment.

In comparison to coins, paper currency and other known assets, gold was able to keep its value throughout the years. People view gold as a means of passing on and preserving their wealth and pass it on from generations.

From the beginning of time, people immediately noticed the unique properties of gold – like the fact that it does not corrode and it could be melted over common flame which makes it easier to work with it and stamp as a coin.

Aside from that, gold has beautiful and unique color compared to other known elements.

Weakness in US Dollar

Despite the fact that US dollar is among the important reserve currencies of the world, when its value falls against other currencies like what happened between 1998 and 2008, this usually prompts investors to seek gold’s security, which then boosts its prices. As a matter of fact, during the same period, the price of gold almost tripled reaching over a thousand dollars per ounce in early quarters of 2008 and almost doubling between 2008 and 2012 making it hit the 1,800 to 1,900 dollar mark.

Inflation Hedge

Historically, gold has been a remarkable hedge towards inflation due to the reason that its price has a tendency to rise when there’s an increase in cost of living. For the past 5 decades, investors have observed how gold prices soar and stock market plunge throughout inflation years. This is when fiat currencies have lost its buying power to inflation, it then pushes gold’s prices to rise.

With these things in mind, many people and investors alike are convinced to make an investment to this precious metal. If you too are considering to make such investment, checking out reliable resources lets you view other options to grow your money even in these times of pandemic.

By Delores Louie
Gold Investing and Its Risks

Same as with the other investment type, the promise and the risk are also noticeable in gold investment. Knowing the risks associated with investing in gold and other precious metals usually begins with learning the related products physically as a good gold investment idea. Controlling the risk in gold investment entails finding a professional dealer, establishing a concrete idea regarding investment goals, and a strong knowledge of the market and industry of gold

Factors in Managing the Risk in Gold Investing

Here are the factors involved in order to properly handle those risks in investing on gold.

Related products

Reducing the risk of gold investment can be done once the appropriate product with the corresponding purpose has been invested as well.

Speaking of the gold market, a short to medium investment can be managed using the gold bullion bars and coins. The said products generally help to monitor the price rate of the gold bullion. For as low as 2% over the spot rate of gold bullion, the product can be bought, sometimes at lesser cost. Meanwhile, the cost of the certified gold coins usually have a higher cost of purchase. Unfortunately, these gold items can eventually overpower bullion for about a number of years.


Authorized dealer

A successful investment will not be committed by a professional deal. Moreover, dealer who have an honest attitude will not lead someone continuously into the bullion purchases having increase markups. Additionally, a well-established dealer with good rating and better business plus a bankruptcy attorney San Diego will be a great help in the investment process and will not lead to a risk.


Investment goals

For short term investors, they usually belong to gold bullion investment. Meanwhile, long term investors go after the certified rare gold coins. Purchasing rare coins on a short term basis may be dangerous in a way that investor do not have the ability to invest for a long time to regain the cost of investment. Furthermore, the danger of long term investment in bullion investment is about twofold. Yet, the gold coin investment may not work the same way and may be confiscated as well.

By Delores Louie
How Does the Crisis Affect The Gold Price?

The price of gold and the corona virus have had one thing in common in the last few weeks: the curve goes steeply NORTH! There is currently no stopping both the spread of the virus and the development of the gold price. There are, however, serious differences in one point: While states are trying to curb the rapid spread of the corona virus, Italy has already closed its borders and the whole country is already in quarantine, even the big banks are now behind the rising gold price. Instead of putting the brakes on and, as usual, countering this with short sales of paper gold, everyone is betting on further increases in prices and thus fueling the course fireworks. If you look even deeper and look at the enormous explosive force of the current crisis, gold is still drastically undervalued.

How does the crisis affect the gold price?

We have a toxic mix of: no or negative interest rates, falling stock prices, high levels of debt, no return on investments that seem safe, such as government bonds, and a general panic and uncertainty. Historically, investors in such situations always use raw materials, i.e. oil and gold.

But there is a problem with the oil. On March 9th, Monday, which was so devastating for share prices, the price of crude oil fell by 34%. This is the biggest drop in prices in one day in the history of the crude oil market. The price of oil has halved since the beginning of the year. If you calculate the crude oil price in grams of gold, we are currently at an all-time low. Crude oil has never been cheaper than now!

This slump has a political background, of course, but it’s not about an agreement, but rather a lack of agreement. Since the outbreak of the corona virus and reduced oil demand in China, the crude oil price has been under pressure since the beginning of the year. The OPEC countries wanted to support the oil price through a coordinated cut in production.

The talks between these countries failed at the weekend, and on the contrary, Saudi Arabia even wants to increase its production and thus further reduce the oil price. Nobody benefits from a crude oil price of $ 30 a barrel! In the USA, this just covers the funding costs, which are much higher here than in Saudi Arabia. This only shows how bad the imbalance is in the global economy.


By Daly Audrea
A Look at the Strength Behind the Gold Commodity

Gold investing is an option that financial investors turn to whenever they worry about economic and political conditions. To date, many are worried about the uncertainties posed by the U.S. political climate and the economic setbacks of Trump’s trade wars. That is why since 2019 up to the present, gold and other precious metals showed strong performances as investment commodities.

Gold and precious metal prices have risen dramatically and many prospectors believe the best days are yet to come ahead, until such time that stability in both political and economic conditions have been achieved.

Still, not all financial experts are inclined to put their trust in physical gold as the next best investment. Yet mining companies contend that they are tackling business interests as a whole, to which gold plays only second fiddle. Asserting that well-run mining companies can produce profits that can turn leads into solid investment performance.

In a way, this stance is true because even if a business is engaged in the production of gold, well-managed mining firms can further growth. They can simply invest in other types of businesses, particularly in products or services that are in demand in the communities where they operate prosperously. After all, not all financial investment strategies lead to the financial trading markets.

Other investment options include real estate, in which property and housing rentals are regarded as among the most lucrative. Still, when taking this route, one has to invest wisely by making sure the rental properties are under proper rental property management.

A Cursory Look at the Top Gold-Producing Regions in the U.S.

According to Statistica, the U.S. currently ranks as the fourth largest producer of gold on a worldwide scale. China, Australia and Russia are in the lead as top three. Canada is not too far behind the U.S. as the fifth largest gold producer.

The state of Nevada has maintained the reputation of being the largest producer of gold in the U.S. In 2018, Nevada gold mines produced as much as 78% of U.S. gold, which also represented five percent (5%) of gold produced worldwide for the year. The percentage equates to an equivalent amount of 5,581,160 in troy ounces or 173.6 in tonnes,

The following are the leading large cap mining firms operating in Nevada:

Carlin Trend Gold Mine

The Carlin Trend Gold Mine near Elko, Nevada is actually a mine series comprising four underground and 13-open pit mines. Owned and founded by the Newport Mining Corporation, this Nevada gold mine started operations in 1965 when gold was discovered in the area in 1961. It is estimated that annually, about 2.5 million ounces of gold produced in the U.S. come from the Carlin Trend mines.

Goldstrike Mine

This Nevada mining complex belongs to prominent Canadian mining firm Barrick Gold Corporation, which is also located in Carlin. The complex includes Betze-Poste, an open-pit mining site that is capable of producing as many as 1.50 million troy ounces per year. Next to the Betze-Poste area is the Meikle underground mine.

The Cortez Gold Mine

This Nevada gold mine is also known as the Cortez-Pipeline, located about 60 miles south of Elko. Originally a joint venture between Rio Tinto and Placer Dome, ownership subsequently transferred to Barrick Gold when it acquired Placer Dome in 2006 and another shareholder’s stake in 2008. The mine boasts reserves of 13 million ounces of gold, whilst capable of producing over 400,000 ounces of gold per year.

By Delores Louie
Tips in Investing on Gold Mining and Cannabis Stocks

Generally, gold mining and cannabis stocks are two interesting markets to invest into. The returns may be quick and definitely high. Yet, the rate of returns may depend on your investing strategy in gold mining and in Canadian marijuana stocks. Investing in these two fast growing industries basically involves strategies of investments which can be a long-term, short-term, and an active approach.

Investing Strategies in Gold Mining and Cannabis Stocks

Here are helpful tips on different ways to invest on gold mining and weed stock.

1. Long-term passive approach

This approach works by positioning the products depending on the area where the stock amount of gold and weed are expecting to soar high in the future. What you’ll need to do is to sit, relax, and wait for that explosion time to happen. It gives emphasis on continuously building the portfolio to prepare it for the great leap. In addition, through this strategy, the selling of shares are on a steady state while taking profits on the rise.

One of the advantages of this approach is that most volatile factors associated with gold and cannabis stocks are generally neglected. Being a buy and sell approach, this strategy will produce great stocks loss that will definitely decreases in value. However, it will be stable in place waiting for the right timing for value increase. Yet, rebalancing your portfolio for trading purposes is not being practiced. And that’s one downside of the long-term passive approach of investment.

2. Intermediate active approach

Due to volatility of the products involved, reducing of the portfolio for about 50% is a norm within this market. In case difficulty of paper losses have been experienced, this strategy is a better option. This approach revolves around selecting the excellent and subsequently managing those selection to guarantee that they really excel.

Generally, most investors in gold mining and cannabis stocks utilize this active approach in handling their portfolio and controlling the losses.

Investors using this approach are seeking for their returns yearly and are cutting losers that can affect the said returns through automatic trading stops or being constantly vigilant on each stock performance. Selling and buying few shares here and there are being done by those investors in order to increase their returns.

3. Short-term approach

The short-term approach focus on a great value of returns within a very short period of time. This is a “chasing momentum” strategy wherein you must have to know technical charts. Reading of those charts will help a lot in picking your place well and utilize trailing that place to protect your gains or avoid big losses.

By Delores Louie
Invest In Gold With Gold Mine ETF

The shares of gold mines move much faster than the price of gold itself. The reason for this is that if the gold price falls, many mines immediately go into the red. With a gold price that is low for a longer period of time, there are a lot of things that almost fall over and the shares are worth almost nothing.

How to Invest in Gold (ETF, CFD, Gold Miner)

A gold mine has to invest a lot for years before gold comes out of the mine. This often causes a somewhat shaky situation. If the gold price rises, a completely different situation suddenly arises.

The gold mine comes from the red numbers and is going to make a profit. But then suddenly something else counts. That is all the gold that is still in the ground and only has to be removed.

How Does It work?

This works as follows: If a gold mine has a break-even of 1200 dollars per ounce and the gold price falls to 1100 then the mine is worth nothing. Because with all the gold that is lost, 100 dollars per ounce must be added. How much gold there is in the mine is unimportant because it is loss-making.

But when the gold price rises to 1500, people suddenly look at all that gold in the ground. Every ounce then counts as x 300 dollars. Investing in gold mines with an ETF therefore provides enormous leverage should the gold price rise sharply.

It is a well-known fact that with shares of a gold mine you buy much more gold per Euro than you buy with birth bars. Conversely, it also works if the gold price falls you should not have invested in gold mines.

So I do both and an ETF that invests in physical gold and an ETF that invests in gold mines. I also trade actively in both to benefit from small bumps. I see gold as the investment for the next 5 to 10 years.

By Ulyssa Tyrrell
Gold Investment Ideas

Gold is a type of precious metal. This is a form of insurance and protection against inflation, global uncertainty as well as currency debasement. That being said, there are numerous ways how investors could lose their money with gold. Therefore, right before you consider buying this precious metal, it is highly advisable to keep yourself informed first.

Above everything else, there’s a golden rule when buying gold and that’s dollar cost averaging. This is putting fixed value of money into gold on a monthly basis no matter what the price. Now, for an average investor, doing such strategy can help in spreading risks over time and also, lessens downside. Majority of the financial managers are advocating anywhere from 3 to 10 percent in gold while bullish managers are suggesting to allocate as much as 20 percent in the said metal.

There are many types of gold options that you can invest on. You may use the money that you will get from but be sure that you’ll make the right investment.

Gold Bullion

Buy physical gold at different prices from bars, jewelry and coins. Some of the popular gold coins include but not limited to:

  • American Eagle
  • Gauden’s and;
  • American Buffalo

You may store gold in a bank safety deposit box or into your home. You may even buy and sell these metals at local jewelers while other companies let you keep gold with them and even trade metal. When buying gold bullion or coins, steer clear of high premiums.

Rather, you have to buy gold that’s close to the spot price or at least, 10 percent of premium. Basically, the higher the premium, the higher the price of gold will be. This translate to bigger profits of course.

Gold ETFs

ETFs are abbreviation for Exchange Trade Funds. This is a very popular way of acquiring gold in your investment portfolio without the challenge of storing the metal physically. You might want to do research of the respected physically backed exchange trade funds.

Gold ETNs

ETNs are Exchange-Traded Notes. These are debt instruments that are tracking index. What is done here is you give bank money for certain period of time and once it matured, the bank will pay you return as per the performance of what the ETN has been based on. If you have been investing in gold for quite some time, then you may consider taking this path as it is most likely used by those who have higher risk tolerance in gold investment.

By Delores Louie
Different Ways You Can Invest In Gold

Many investors think gold is gold, but it is really important to think carefully about how you want to invest in gold. Below are some examples.

Modern Ways To Invest In Gold

Invest in gold jewelry

Apart from real collectors’ pieces from well-known designers (and you have to understand that), this is not a good idea. Gold in jewelry is often of poor quality. Certainly, that cheap gold purchased on holiday abroad can be a real instinker due to the low gold content.

But also high carat gold jewelry always has the disadvantage that you paid for the gold AND making the jewelry. If you sell it, you just get the kilo price and nothing for making the jewelry back. Too bad ladies but we will not invest in that.

Invest in gold coins and bars

This is already a better choice despite the fact that the difference between buying and selling is still a bit large and therefore can never get in and out quickly.

But it can be a good idea for the longer term because the gold price can double or increase even further. Then you can certainly make a profit. Storing that stuff is a problem but renting a locker can solve that.

Invest in gold with an ETF

Now we look a little better at our goal of investing in gold. No storage problems just like with physical gold and smaller differences in buying and selling, which makes active trading possible.

I invest in gold with an ETF, but there is a better alternative to a rising gold price and that is below.


By Delores Louie
Why Invest In Gold?

Investing in gold is one of the oldest investments but still topical. There are investors who swear by gold, but there are also big opponents who should not know anything about it.

Investing In Gold

With all kinds of ghost stories, people always try to talk the investor into fear of not investing in gold. A fact can never be refuted. That is that over the centuries, gold has always been a good investment that could endure all misery.

It is also no coincidence that worldwide central banks always have heaps of gold bars in safes. We now also know that central banks are very good at controlling markets and therefore never let it happen that for whatever reason their gold reserves would not be worth anything anymore.

You cannot get a better guarantee than the support of central banks with an investment these days. Certainly if you know that they also have a lot of it. I will now discuss the reasons why you need gold and how.

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