Gold Investing vs. Bitcoin: The Comparison

Even if cryptocurrencies are not really considered a material asset, but rather a nominal value. The comparison of Bitcoin vs. Gold should not be missing here.

Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency. Originally intended as alternative money, Bitcoin quickly attracted public interest as an investment due to some incredible price gains. People use bitcoin360ai here (Verwenden Sie hier bitcoin360ai) to invest and earn extra income.

Bitcoin vs. Gold: The Comparison


History shows that a total loss of gold is impossible.

Bitcoin is different. What is programmed by humans can in principle be manipulated by humans. In addition, the cryptocurrency is simply too young to be able to assess where the development is going.

Risk of theft

Locker, hiding place or safe are the classics at gold. A safe can be broken open, a hiding place can be found.

The Bitcoin system itself is considered secure. But exchanges or wallets can be hacked. And what happens if you lose the piece of paper on which the private encryption key is written?


You can buy gold anonymously.

Bitcoin guarantees 100% anonymity in a transaction between A and B. There is no upper limit.


There’s no denying it: anonymity provides the space criminals like.

Nothing can be ruled out with gold. However, since Bitcoin scored in the “anonymity” round, you also see the higher crime potential here.


Suitability for everyday use as a means of payment

Whether it’s the hairdresser around the corner or online shopping, gold is not suitable for everyday use.

Bitcoin isn’t really there yet either, but it clearly has potential. Because the number of online shops and service providers that accept cyber money is growing. In addition, more and more people are paying digitally anyway.

Volatility/price risk

Volatility means the strength of price movements in both directions, i.e. up and down. Bitcoin has huge price swings. Those who have weak nerves should better reach for gold.


If an investment also has a real use value, then that is an extra plus. Gold is not only a store of value, but is also required in industry and the jewelry sector. This creates additional desires.

The value of Bitcoin, on the other hand, is purely nominal.


There is no such thing as THE cryptocurrency. Instead, a variety of cryptocurrencies compete in the market. New systems are springing up almost every day like mushrooms, while others are disappearing. How will Bitcoin develop?

Gold, on the other hand, is gold. It is known for thousands of years. As banal as that sounds, this is exactly where its strength lies.