By Delores Louie
Misconceptions About Investing In Gold

Gold does not generate current income because it’s not productive. As a precious metal, it is a commodity. This does not generate any profits like a company in which shareholders invest. Only gold protects against inflation It is true that gold has an interaction a so-called correlation with inflation. So it offers some protection against […]

By Delores Louie
Investing In Wholesale Cabinets Business

Before starting their own business, many entrepreneurs face an important milestone. They have to draw up a business plan. Anyone who wants to become a self-employed cabinet maker should take a very close look at the project, what it offers and the regional requirements. There are also legal requirements and special features. How to invest […]

By Rona Den
Website Building Tips for Jewelers

The jewelry industry is a multi-billion dollar online market. Eat cake and create your jewelry website. You can have a successful online jewelry and gold business with the right strategy and a little planning.  Website builder selection Once done figuring out the ins and outs of your jewelry business, the next step is to build […]

By Delores Louie
Insure Precious Metals Correctly

If you want to buy gold or silver, you usually have to deal with the right storage. However, one factor that is often neglected is insurance. Precious metals in gold deposits or safe deposit boxes are usually not insured Many gold buyers decide to have their treasure kept in a bank safe deposit box, in […]