Things to Know on Gold Investing: Check Now

Gold is one of the oldest means of payment. For centuries it has had an enduring reputation around the world as the perfect investment in times of crisis.

Investments in gold are popular with many investors. Investors consider this asset class to be particularly stable in value especially in times of crisis. Therefore, people often bought precious metal as protection against inflation and in times of crisis. Check Now why gold coins also often have a collector’s value. People refer to gold as a “crisis metal”.

Check Now the factors that influence the price of gold

When investing in gold, investors can usually make profits by selling gold and by participating in the appreciation of gold on the stock exchange. In the event of a sale, the gold is ideally resold at a higher price than the purchase price. The market price for the precious metal is expressed via the price of gold, which is mainly quoted in US dollars. As a result, there can be a currency risk when investing in gold.

The price of gold is created on the commodity exchanges by the global interplay of supply and demand. Depending on the relation of market equilibrium and depending on the price elasticity of demand and supply, the price of gold rises or falls.

Check Now the opportunities and risks of investing in gold

Investors who want attractive profits from investing in gold should only buy gold when the price is low. Then sell when the price of gold has risen. For investors who want to have an emergency reserve with an investment in gold, physical gold coins and bars may be more suitable. They can safely store the gold bars in the vault.

Indirect investments in gold can be suitable for investors who want to add gold to their investment portfolio in order to reduce the range of fluctuation. Investors can already participate in the increase in the price of gold with small sums. Investors can also save on storage, shipping and insurance costs. However, investors have tax advantages when selling physical gold after one year.

As an addition to a diversified investment portfolio, investments in gold can be attractive investments. However, no more than 15 percent of the investment portfolio should consist of gold. In order for you to be able to spread the risk across different asset classes, you should combine the gold asset class with other attractive asset classes.