Reasons Why One Should Invest in Gold

Many are asking the question why should they invest in Gold and Silver. Here are some reasons why you should:

  1. Preserve and grow your wealth. When making a little bit of money, the best way to make sure you preserve that wealth and purchasing power, invest in Gold and silver. Even during uncertain times, like this pandemic, Gold and silver remains valuable.
  2. Gold and silver embody true money and wealth. There are many fiat currencies and almost act like true money except that it cannot store value over a long period of time compared to gold and silver.
  3. Proven history of holding value. Gold and silver have been around for centuries.
  4. Gold and silver cannot go bankrupt and default on promises or obligations. It is not some else’s liability. Gold and silver will never lose value and it is very simple.
  5. Governments and Central banks are printing too much currency.
  6. In times of crisis and uncertainty, Gold and silver tend to increase in value.
  7. One can invest in gold and silver with privacy and Anonymity. This is an investment you can keep to yourself. It is also not taxed in physical form. If it is under $10000, this cannot be traced back to buyer or seller.
  8. Gold and Silver are very rare.