Website Building Tips for Jewelers

The jewelry industry is a multi-billion dollar online market. Eat cake and create your jewelry website. You can have a successful online jewelry and gold business with the right strategy and a little planning. 

Website builder selection

Once done figuring out the ins and outs of your jewelry business, the next step is to build a store that lists the items you sell. In the digital world, this is essentially a jewelry website. If there is no budget to hire a professional web developer, a great website builder like Strikingly can help you set up a professional-looking eCommerce store for your jewelry business in just minutes.


Website customization

Once you’ve chosen a jewelry web template, it’s time to introduce your brand and style to your website and start personalizing it. Strikingly’s intuitive website editor makes it easy to add a unique touch to your jewelry website. Choose from pre-selected color schemes for templates or add your custom color scheme based on your branding or personal preferences. 

Choose a combination of fonts to make your text content more attractive. Add an image or video background to your landing page to encourage customers to stay and shop at your store. Create your logo on your website to help your customers easily remember your company.


Add e-commerce platform 

Add an eCommerce platform to your jewelry web template to start building inventory on your site. Phoenix SEO services can help you boost your eCommerce site and gain traffic and revenue. You can accept credit card payments online by choosing a payment gateway integration. Membership features keep loyal customers returning, and you can even view their purchase history to order the same items in the future easily.


Write web copy 

The reality is that you should consider your copy on the web because you are competing with thousands of other online jewelry stores. Your website content should align with your marketing strategy and allow customers to choose other brands instead of you.

There are some messaging strategies you can use to gain followers. For example, placing a “fair trade” symbol on your jewelry or website is a great way to persuade customers to buy. Make sure you are selling genuinely fair trade jewelry.

Add an engaging tagline and CTAs to the top of your website. Communicate how your customers will benefit from purchasing your brand. If you’re running a promotion, headlines are a great way to communicate it.