Investing in Physical Gold

Investing in gold can be a great choice during uncertain times. It has become very popular over the last years. Physical gold can be a way to diversify and can provide you with a valuable tangible asset that you can sell when times get tough. Some currencies may become useless in the future and having actual gold in hand might be an advantage.

How do we buy physical Gold?

Once you’ve decided to make gold as part of your investment portfolio you have to be familiar of what gold products to purchase. Equally important is knowing how and where to purchase them from. There are many variety of choices that one can purchase. If you’re buying gold through a cash purchase and intending to store it for yourself, there are unlimited choices. But if you’re buying gold for your IRA, then you are stuck with IRA permissible gold. Gold is a physical product and sellers ship it to your address or to an IRS approved depository for storage.

Here are a few options if you are shopping for gold:

  • Bullion gold coins
  • Proof gold coins
  • Gold bars