Different Ways You Can Invest In Gold

Many investors think gold is gold, but it is really important to think carefully about how you want to invest in gold. Below are some examples.

Modern Ways To Invest In Gold

Invest in gold jewelry

Apart from real collectors’ pieces from well-known designers (and you have to understand that), this is not a good idea. Gold in jewelry is often of poor quality. Certainly, that cheap gold purchased on holiday abroad can be a real instinker due to the low gold content.

But also high carat gold jewelry always has the disadvantage that you paid for the gold AND making the jewelry. If you sell it, you just get the kilo price and nothing for making the jewelry back. Too bad ladies but we will not invest in that.

Invest in gold coins and bars

This is already a better choice despite the fact that the difference between buying and selling is still a bit large and therefore can never get in and out quickly.

But it can be a good idea for the longer term because the gold price can double or increase even further. Then you can certainly make a profit. Storing that stuff is a problem but renting a locker can solve that.

Invest in gold with an ETF

Now we look a little better at our goal of investing in gold. No storage problems just like with physical gold and smaller differences in buying and selling, which makes active trading possible.

I invest in gold with an ETF, but there is a better alternative to a rising gold price and that is below.